What is the AAPE Roundtable Initiative?
The AAPE Roundtable Initiative is a small-group discussion format to address issues and topics of interest to faculty and candidates. We believe this format will encourage collegial and open discussion of a range of topics. We hope sharing of ideas and experiences among colleagues will give us an opportunity to think together and resolve problems common to analytic education and practice. 

We have several topics in mind: “The Challenges of Establishing Graduation Criteria,” “Learning how to Supervise,” “Integrating Plurality in a Curriculum,” and if there is interest, a “Journal Watch Roundtable” to discuss current literature. We look forward to your suggestions and ideas for future Roundtables. 


“Furthering Psychoanalytic Identity Development and Practice Building

Sunday, March 20th, 2022: 2-4 PM EST

Note: This first Roundtable is open to recent graduates of AAPE member institutes, and graduates from other institutes who have been involved with AAPE. Future Roundtables will be open to a wider audience.

Description: Graduation from an analytic institute marks the formal end of training that provides innumerable skills, understandings and clinical engagement that become solidified over time. Nevertheless, many early career analysts have likened the experience of post-graduate life to “being dropped from a cliff.” Gone is the safety or framing provided by consistent teaching, supervision, or one’s analysis. Studies have shown how isolating and undoing these years can be for the early career analyst’s fledgling identity, practice, and professional and personal development.

We are offering this event to recent graduates of AAPE member institutes, and graduates from other institutes who have been involved with AAPE. Recent graduates are loosely defined as within 10 years of graduation who would like to discuss with other early career analysts the challenges and opportunities of building an analytic identity.

This Zoom event will require registration. We ask that eligible participants (i.e., early career analysts from your institute regardless of faculty status) send their name, email address, and phone number to Alice Rapkin, AAPE Administrator, at to register.

If you have any questions please direct them to Dhipthi Brundage ( and Navah Kaplan (

AAPE Roundtable Committee—Chair: Dionne R. Powell, M.D. Members: Dhipthi Brundage, M.D., Navah C. Kaplan, Ph.D.